what is pure flux used for fallout 76

Inert Flux is obtained by leaving any of the five varieties of flux to spoil over time. What's the item? WHAT IS FLUX – 0:18 – Flux is a rare crafting material that comes in 5 variants: Cobalt, … Players may use this item to regenerate water, health or obtain other benefits as listed below. For Fallout 76 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Chemistry Station - Pure Violet Flux". Vault 76 under armor the parts needed to craft and special stat buff it gives. Once spoiled you can no longer use it to craft Stable/Pure Flux. Inert Flux Effects +5 Disease Resistance . Note: When you craft these flux's they will be inside your junk tab listed as STABLE, but that also means its in the pure form to be used in the mods. These parts are necessary for many applications, such as building your camp, repairing your armor, and repairing the environment structure. In Fallout 76, an important thing for players to do is to collect materials and components. Then you need to get one of each of these three items from irradiated enemies - glowing mass, hardened mass and the liquids (i can't remember the name..."highly" something). May be received as a reward for completing Scorched Earth. 1 Glowing Mass (drops off of mobs in a nuke zone) Hello fellow Vault Dwellers, welcome to a Fallout 76 guide all about Flux, where it’s found, and what kind of things you can craft with it! Inert Flux is a Drink consumable in Fallout 76 (FO76). Now that you know what to expect, let’s go get irradiated! nuclear blast zone. In Fallout 76, if gamers want to play this smoothly, here are some items that they must-have. Pure flux is a component of stable flux like loose screws are to desktop fans. It's just that 1 stable flux is made of 1 pure flux, probably awkward due to programming limitations like purified water in cooking as each recipe can only have one set of ingredients. A fluorescent-yellow-colored flux which has been harvested from plants in a nuclear blast zone and stabilized with the appropriate ingredients. Inert Flux Recipe. Before it can be used in crafting, the raw flux must be stabilized at a chemistry station by combining the following ingredients which […] Fallout 76 Items flux flux materials glowing mass hardened mass high-radiation fluids nuclear blast zones nuked flora pure flux raw flux stabilize flux stable flux Leave a … When you get enough of those items, you have to go a chemisty station and combine with the flux to create the pure verisons. Looking for Hardened Mass in Fallout 76?The key resource, which can be used to craft Pure Flux, is a tough cookie to find, let alone go and grab. For one pure, you'll need to find 10 cobalt flux on the irradiated plants. Substitute [flux type] with Cobalt, Crimson, Fluorescent, Violet, Yellowcake. Stable fluorescent flux is a junk item variant of flux in Fallout 76. 10 Raw [flux type] Flux (gathered from flora in a nuke zone) WARING: This is an Aid category item and will spoil under normal conditions. Processing the raw flux is required to make it useful for crafting but renders the flux inedible.

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